Listen to 'Y'




NeonPajamas - 12/14/17

"Y is a tropical bedroom in a brightly colored apartment. 

Y is a bleached hotel room by the beach.

Y is a torn Hawaiian shirt two sizes too large.

Y is a scatterbrain melting pot of a dozen styles and influences caressed into one thought provoking and bittersweet sound."


4th shore hip hop - Y - 12/13/17

"Willie Main, formerly known as Swill, has been an artist on my radar for sometime now so I was excited to talk to him about his new project Y. Full of catchy melodies and introspective lyrics, Y is an excellent tape that highlights Willie‚Äôs vocal abilities and unique sound. The spacey, slower moving music Willie presents on Y allows every theme to be fully fleshed out and each sound has time to breathe, making every note sound thoughtful and deliberate."


These Days - S'light - 10/16/16

"Perfect for late night dreaming under the full moonlight, the new song is both relaxing and heartbreaking, full of bare-boned honesty. Handling the ambient production himself with help from Chicago artists San Soma and Yo No Se, the song feels a bit like a late night journal entry with a candle burning. Meditative, reflective, but also deeply frustrated and in pain."




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